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At IM Export Services Ltd. we offer a comprehensive range of supplies and services to provide you with complete piece of mind when shipping your goods, products or possessions all over the word.
Export Grade Timber - ISPM15
All softwood timber used by IM Export Services is certified to ISPM15 standard, making it acceptable for import to all countries worldwide. All of our timber products are stamped to show the ISPM15 standard and supplied with certification for inclusion with your export documentation.
Softwood Timber Cases
Softwood Timber Cases offer a fully enclosed solution for exporting goods. They provide the benifits of being very robust, secure and stackable; helping to maximise lorry or container space and saving valuable transport costs. 
Softwood Cases
Softwood Timber Crates
Softwood Timber Crates are a slatted version of a case. Crates are a step up from a pallet in securement. Although not as robust or secure as a case, they do have the benifit over pallets of being stackable; helping to maximise lorry or container space, saving valuable transport costs. They don't however, offer protection from the eliments obtained from a fully boarded export case.
Plyboard Packing Cases
Plyboard Cases offer a robust but lighter wieght solution. They are fully enclosed and stackable making them the perfect protection for air freight. Although not quite as strong as a softwood solution, plyboard is very durable and the weight savings are significant.
Softwood Crates
Plyboard Cases
OSB Packing Cases
As with the Plyboard cases, OSB offers a lighter weight solution for protecting goods than softwood; making them a good option for air freight. Fully boarded, goods are totally enclosed for greater protection than pallets or crates. OSB is a cheaper option to plyboard but also fully stackable; however, the material is not suitable for long exposure to the elements.
Metal-Edge Plyboard Cases
Often referred to as tea-chests, metal edge cases are a very practical product. Lightweight and versatile, they are ideal for moving goods or parts between sites or associated production facilities. The ability to assemble and disassemble to a flat pack format, makes them perfect for return and reuse applications. Also, the perfect solution for holding in stock for quick call-off packing requirements. Please note there is a height restriction on this product. 
OSB Cases
Metal Edge Cases
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