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All about IM Export Services Ltd.


IM Export Services Ltd. started in 2004 from humble beginning, initially to serve the used machinery trade; packing and containerizing large industrial equipment being sold all around the globe.


Word soon spread about our ability to manufacture ISPM export grade timber products and our customer base grew to involve many local businesses. Regularly supplying them with bespoke timber case, crates and pallets for their products. 


By 2007 it was becoming obvious that our modest 1500 sq. feet facility was not sufficient to meet the demand from our customers. So, time had come to double our facility to 3,500 sq. feet and our workforce.


Year on year business went from strength to strength, until once again, the point came where our facility was no longer suitable. After making use of various satellite factories to help us meet our customers demand, the time had again come to increase our factory facility.

In early 2015 the perfect premises became available just around the corner. Now IM Export Services Ltd. is occupying a series of buildings located on the same site and totalling 26,500 sq. feet. We also increased our workforce to over 20 members of staff. With 2 x overhead cranes and a lifting capacity in excess of 25 tons, we are now well equipped to offer ample dry storage for both small and very large items of equipment. We are also well equipped for in house packing and boast a vast manufacturing facility for timber packing products.


2015 also saw the launch of our sister company IM Freight Forwarding Ltd. Established to provide some of the best rates in shipping and haulage. Please visit our sister site for more details and to obtain great rates and the best routes to export your goods.