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The Bells, The Bells!

As you may or may not know this past week the Export Packers and Freight Forwarders have been waxing lyrical about the bells. Which bells are we talking about? Well, that would be Taylor Bells (AKA John Taylor & Co.) in Loughborough, the World's largest working bell foundry. Whilst Taylor Bells have been producing bells for over 180 years we have been lucky enough to carry out some of their packing jobs since 2019.

This job was a fabulous example of how IM Freight Forwarding and ourselves can create a turnkey solution which our customers can trust. Having won this prestigious order to the University of Chicago, John Taylor & Co chose IM Freight as their chosen freight supplier of this precious cargo and look forward to presenting this consignment to the university next month.

Our expert packers created bespoke cases, pallets and crates for this cargo and strapped the heavy load perfectly in order to ensure the bells had no room for movement (or ringing). The bells and their accompanying consignment were then loaded onto containers with precision. This is where IM Freight took over and ensured the containers were ready to ship across the Atlantic, rail their way across Northern America and complete their journey to Chicago by truck. Our export and freight team have ensured these bells will arrive at their destination as it left us.

You may note that these bells are not just your basic bell but are meticulously crafted with names inscribed across the side of these wonderful creations. This consignment destined for the University of Chicago highlights and celebrates some of the university's (and the city's) most revered alumni.

Whilst we had to google a few names and learnt some very interesting things about some of Chicago's most impressive, we've added a snap here of a bell celebrating a name I think we'd all recognise.


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